The products seen on the site are available at Véronique
E-Mail: to Véronique (inquiries for purchasing)

How to order embroidery designs
Designs are sold individually, so names are unique
you can choose any design on any page in an alone order
Sample, you want:
- Bagatelle_001, Bagatelle_004 et Bagatelle_006
- Lis_002-004, if you give just "Lis_004", you will receive 3 motifs because they are in the same packaging....
- Amandier_001 + Datte-001 , same like lis
Send your choice to Véronique, because she sends the zip files, by herself
You will receive a bill in JPG format like which is in this zip:
the bill will give to you the price for all your designs ordered
Now you have the price for your order
Don't forgot to tell exactly the embroidery format for your machine: VP3, PES, VIP, JEF, XXX etc
and your commintment to not copy neither share these designs, in your order from Paypal
How to order, out of France, you have juste one possibility:
With Paypal
There is (: )
And Follow the instructions to send Euros to Veronique, and receive quickly your order
The mail to give is
What will you receive and How
Véronique, sends the orders alone, by the mail ", asa the payment is done,
Thank you to answer to the acknowledgement of receipt
The designs are sent in a ".zip" file (more universal as the ".rar")
The PDF file, in french, with complete explanations for all the serial, is free asa 1 design is purchased in this serial
A personal number is done just for you, for each sending, so, we can find the author if the designs are shared on the web