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Collection Mad01
My last creations are:
18 Novembre 2016
Mv02: Abécédaire "Perle"
31janvier 2013
Fle10: Fleurs Blanches

Novembre 18 Un Abécédaire "Perle" the letters come from Mv01, with Pearls
2016,June, 06 MIND !!! E-Mail address for Paypal
is now:
April, 16 New projects for large hoop, in Fle11, serial personal designs
January, 19 Welcome at home, amazing little Iroise, Nebelung, 3 months & 10 days old
July 07 : Fle02 is under development, be patient ! with picture of Hyouri
April 26 : The pages "To Order" are more clear (I hope!)
February 09 : Links updated with site speaking about Hyouri and now Iroise
2014 January, 31 : Fle10: Fleurs Blanches, first designs with a special project for Hyouri
Shows pictures of real embroideries which give ideas to use designs
You can go here or by the embroidery catalog
The projects are classified in 2 categories which follow the size of the embroidery hoops in the marks of embroidery machines
Last update Projects 21 December 2013 to projects 17 April 2015